New To Gas

Are you looking for a career change into the world of gas, or looking to extend your skill set and undertake your ACS?

Domestic Gas Courses at Junction 31

At Junction 31, we cater for a whole range of skill sets, including people with no background in gas at all. You maybe considering a career change, or perhaps you are in a  similar trade and looking to upskill and become Gas Safe registered.

Our courses are a mix of practical training, portfolio & classroom work, to ensure you have a full understanding of all aspects of working with gas.

We offer different packages, the basic CCN1 qualification, or you can add on 4 appliances such as CKR1 (Cookers), HTR1 (Heaters), MET1 (Meters) or CENWAT (Central Heating). We also offer each appliance as a separate add on unit, if you do not wish to complete them all at once.

To read more about the routes in to the gas industry, click here. 

To read more about our UKAS accredited certification body, Cert-ain, click here.

You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on our courses and the centre.

What Happens When I Complete My Training?

At the end of your training you will have completed your ACS assessment and will be competent to leave the centre and seek employment in the domestic gas industry. You will also have your portfolio to demonstrate what you have learnt in your time studying with us.

We have provided some brief outlines of the courses available below, along with an indication of how long each course will take. Please contact us for a quote and remember that Junction 31 can tailor your training to a time suitable to you so pricing may vary for evenings and weekends.

Core domestic gas safety assessment
CCN1 Certification
Incorporates CPA1
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CCN1 + Appliances
Train with 4 appliances of your choice
CCN1 Certification
Four Appliances
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CCN1 & central heating and water heater training
CCN1 Certification
Central & Water Heating
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